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Henderson, NV

Patient Reviews

I’m grateful to have such a loyal patient base, especially ones who enjoy my skillset as much as they do! While they feel they get the value out of their session, I continue to see value in their progress when they come back again and again, because they feel it, and it’s worth it. Which is what makes it more than worth it for me being a therapist, and tells me I’m doing something right for them!

Serena Williams

"Payton is highly educated and understands how to get to the core of where the pain starts to actually heal the muscle. He's professional and genuinely passionate about his work. Hands down the best massage therapist I've ever had! (Pun fully intended!)"

Gil Hayon

"Payton is extremely knowledgeable and is a STELLAR therapist! I have pain in my lower back and my S/I joint from injuries I incurred while I was in the Army. Payton was able to work on my back and released the tension. I felt so relieved after our session, it was like I had a brand new back! This guy is a magician!"

Brittany Peterson

"I'm so thankful for the expertise and knowledge that Payton gives me. Not only is he helping me fix my muscles and aches but he educates me about my body too. I feel amazing after our sessions!"

New Patient Package

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  • Decrease Aches and Pains
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Manage Stress

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Stupid good

"we don't know how good we can feel, until we do."

- Payton Grantham LNMT