Payton Grantham LNMT

  • Graduated 2018 National Holistic Institute(#1 Massage College in the Nation)
    • Core Massage Therapy Program 850 hours
    • Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program 400 hours
    • Supervisor of Student Clinic 12 months 
  • Pending Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor
    • Primal/Functional Movement
    • Form Specific Stretches
    • Kinesthetic Exploration
  • Specializes in Specific Condition Treatments
    • Sciatica/Low Back Pain
    • TMJ Disorders
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Bulged/Herniated Discs
    • Headaches & Migraines
    • Neuropathies in Hands & Feet(numbing/tingling)

clinical Bodywork

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Movement Workshops

We’ll be hosting movement workshops called FLOWSTATE combining Animal Flow, breath work, and meditation.

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We’re supported by for running our scheduling system smoothly and easily so you can book your appointments on the go.

This helps us collect necessary personal and health history information to best assess and build a treatment plan together. We send it to your email right after you book and you fill it out when convenient before our first session!

It’s always nice to have reminders, so we make sure to keep you updated about your upcoming appointments via your communication preference and follow up in case we forgot to schedule your next one.

We work out of an Orthopedic Doctors office in Henderson where our building is mandatorily deep cleaned once a week for optimal safety.

Have to use the restroom before or after your bodywork session? We’ve got you covered with our private patient only restroom. Our waiting room is perfect if you arrive a little early and want to respond to any last minute work calls/texts before the session.

One of the benefits of having the ClinicSense Software is a personal profile of SOAP note entries for each patient that we can look back on and see the progress of our clinical bodywork! This improves our capability to treat you and others more effectively for the future.

Cynthia Riberio

Creator and teacher of the Advanced Neuromusclar Program at National Holistic Institute. My mentor and role model, one in the same.

(510)-547-6444 ext.187

Kathy Flippin

Owner and operator of Dynamic Touch Massage in Costa Mesa, CA. I was a personal assistant and an independent contractor for D.T. 


Kevin Buechter

He is a local Las Vegas, NV Sports Massage Therapist giving premier care to players of the Raiders as well as many fitness enthusiast/bodybuilders in the area.


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